Have Victor and Mike come speak with your team!

If you would like Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo to come speak about Lead Inside the Box and how you and your team can implement the method, you can contact them below.

They are available to teach the Lead Inside the Box training course. Please contact us to learn more about bringing the program behind the book into your organization.

Victor Prince
Mike Figliuolo
Victor PrinceTel: 202.297.4514

Web: www.discoveredlogic.com

Email: prince@thoughtleadersllc.com

Mike FigliuoloTel: 804.241.9757

Web: www.thoughtleadersllc.com

Email: mfigliuolo@thoughtleadersllc.com

Lead Inside the Box is a must-read for leaders at any level. The concept of optimally investing your ‘leadership capital’ to get the best results from your team is a differentiator between good and great leaders. The practical and simple methods in this book will help you make much wiser investments and get better results.”
– Jim Hinrichs, CFO, CareFusion

Great leaders have repeatedly cited importance of building a strong team. Lead Inside the Box offers practical frameworks and tips on how to do that, including the importance of flexing your own style to circumstance. The authors draw on their own experiences to help managers at all levels up their game and improve team results. A recommended read for sure!”
– Suzanne Tager, Senior Director, Retail and Consumer Goods Practice at Bain & Company

If you’re looking for a straightforward and actionable guide to untangling the complexities of leading a team, Lead Inside the Box is it. Figliuolo and Prince draw on their experience as executives and leadership coaches to give you a guide that you’ll refer back to again and again.”
– Scott Eblin, author of The Next Level and Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative

I strongly recommend Lead Inside the Box for leaders at all levels. It provides practical and simple guidance for how to better spend your time and energy to get better results from your team while improving your relationship with them at the same time.”
– Robert J. Herbold, Chief Operating Officer (Retired), Microsoft Corporation

One of the most difficult tasks in leading a team is making sure you’re getting peak performance from each individual. This book provides simple tools not only to assess each team member, but also to guide them to be better contributors to bottom-line results. The authors’ rich management experiences and real-life examples convey the effectiveness of their easy-to-follow methods for a better functioning team.”
– Connie Tipton, President & CEO, International Dairy Foods Association

Lead Inside the Box offers fresh and practical advice for leaders looking to get better results out of their teams. I highly recommend it.”
– Amit Chatterjee, EVP of CA Technologies, Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40” 2010 Awardee

Real-life leaders will find that Lead Inside the Box tackles their biggest real-life problem: getting the most out of their teams without sacrificing every last bit of creativity, energy, and time in the process. Leadership is an investment; Prince and Figliuolo help us invest wisely.”
– Raj Date, Managing Partner, Fenway Summer LLC; former Deputy Director, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau